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André Amálio is a MPhil/Phd student at the University of Roehampton. Trained at ESTC (BA Acting, Licentiate Degree Acting/Directing) and Goldsmiths College, University of London (MA Performance Making). Researching on the areas of documentary theatre and memory on the stories related to the end of the Portuguese Colonialism. Studied directing, dance and performance with Bréatrice Picon-Vallin, Kristian Lupa, Gennadi Bogdanov, Eimuntas Nekrosius, Steve Paxton, Anna Furse, Ajaykumar, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Mischa Twtchin, Graeme Miller and Alexander Kelly. Anna Furse, Francisco Alves, Giacomo Scalisi, João Brites, Lúcia Sigalho, Luís Castro, Madalena Vitorino, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Patricia Carreira Agora Sós, PELE, Construção Revisitada, Amálio Vs Amália, Perda, Minha Terra. In Lisbon has founded the arts space Liberdade Provisória, being resident artist and artistic director. Visiting lecturer in the Drama Department of the Portuguese University – ESAD.CR since 2011.

Tereza Havlíčková began her career as a dancer. She completed BA (Hons) Dance Theatre at Laban Centre in London and after graduated at Goldsmiths University, MA in Performance Making. She is particularly interested in exploring multidisciplinary movement, text and visual forms, as well as the use of autobiographical material. She has trained under direction of artists such as worked with Geraldine Pilgrim, Firenza Guidi, Etta Ermini, Anna Furse and Ajaykumar. She works between Prague and Lisbon. Tereza is also performer and manager of Spitfire Company, which is based in Prague. Pedro Salvador together with Madalena Victorino co-directed and e interpreted the project “Companhia Limitada 1” in 2013, Lis+Bú in 2014 - and “Expande” in 2015. Composed music to the Festival Todos - “Plano Sonoro” (2011), “Sons da Matimar” (2012) and “Música de Viajante (2013). Performed as musician and performer in the show “Vale” choreographed by de Madalena Victorino and music direction of Carlos Bica, was part of the artists that worked in the project of Teatro das Compras in 2010 and 2011 of Giacomo Scalisi, and in the performance “No Tempo Em Que As Galinhas Têm Dentes” of Ainhoa Vidal in 2012.