Jewish Actors

At very best the Jewish actor should be really Jewish. And he has to be a good actor. If he is not a good actor, at least he should be a good Jew. Jewish actors are a performance about the group of people who are not sure about their identity. The past and present are connected. Each six actors tell his/her story. No one, obviously, is not telling the truth. They are authentic but not exact. Could be an actor, performer, absolutely devout?

Réžia: A. Smolar
Text: M. Buszewicz
Scénografia a kostýmy: A. Met
Živá hudba: D. Korzeniecka
Asistentka réžie: P. Lombarowicz
Účinkujú R. Kluge, M. Kuźnik, J. Rzączyńska, I. Rzeszowska, M. Trybalska, J. Walczak

A. Smolar
Ilustračný obrázok
Jewish Actors