Ilustračný obrázok

Portugal is not a small country is a performance that discusses European dictatorships and the European presence in Africa, by looking at the Portuguese case, the country that had the longest fascist dictatorship in Europe - 48 years, and the longest colonial Empire - nearly 500 years. It is done through the real live testimonies of ex-Portuguese settlers that were part of the refugee exodus from Africa in 1974-76.

With this work we want to investigate real stories that have become memories and that over time have been inherited. We are interested in situations where real people contribute to challenge and rebuild cultural identities; how theatre can contribute…

Freedom: The most expensive capitalist word

Performance inspired by the research of the most isolated country of the world- North Korea, which was made by the author is doubting idea of freedom in a period of intense globalization. The audience will get a chance to experience unique tours through the country, which brings up the question of freedom for a modern society. The city tour also brings up questions like how much the propaganda and the cultural context influences our mind? How is the socio-cultural context identified? How much is the term freedom relative? The tour is pointing out the possibilities, but also the problems of interpretation if we are not familiar with cultural and political codex of the certain country.…

Jewish Actors

At very best the Jewish actor should be really Jewish. And he has to be a good actor. If he is not a good actor, at least he should be a good Jew. Jewish actors are a performance about the group of people who are not sure about their identity. The past and present are connected. Each six actors tell his/her story. No one, obviously, is not telling the truth. They are authentic but not exact. Could be an actor, performer, absolutely devout?

Réžia: A. Smolar
Text: M. Buszewicz
Scénografia a kostýmy: A. Met
Živá hudba: D. Korzeniecka
Asistentka réžie: P. Lombarowicz
Účinkujú R. Kluge, M. Kuźnik, J. Rzączyńska, I. Rzeszowska,…